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Event planner: Springwood Wedding/Reception Time Line

Because Springwood has so much to offer on site, brides and grooms schedule their ceremony and reception at Springwood from 2 to 15 months prior to their wedding date; most are between 6 to 12 months in advance. Some of the following steps are compressed if the planning time is reduced to 2 months...but we have planned both ceremony and reception at Springwood in that shortened time frame!

Make sure you have the right person with whom you can grow...and when you know you are better together...start planning. The more you can do ahead of time, the better.

  • Establish budget & decision-making authority
    Perhaps you already know whether your families will contribute financially and how involved in making decisions they want to be. However, it is a nice opening conversation to have with your parents and they will appreciate the invitation to be involved.
  • Agree on an approximate size, style and site of your ceremony and reception
    These decisions will determine what types of venues you will consider for your reception, and possibly your ceremony.
    If you want an indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony and/or reception--
    If you want a wedding ceremony and reception at the same site--
    If you want natural beauty and movement of your guests, enjoying their environs--
    You must visit Springwood Manor and the Villa at Springwood.

  • Set the date by reserving your ceremony and reception site
  • Establish a guest list with full names and addresses
    Be flexible about your guest list and be open to change as you discuss it with family. Consider an invitation to your ceremony and reception a special gift that you are giving to these friends and family.
  • Start shopping for the dress

6-9 months Prior to the Date

Springwood staff can provide guidance in each of these areas...
  • Mail Save-the-Date cards
    Many couples have their engagement photo imprinted on post cards for this purpose. Springwood has atrium photos available if you need to save time because you are planning in a shortened time frame.
  • Select vendors
    Interview and preview the work of vendors. At Springwood, the primary outside vendors are the DJ or band and the photographer and/or videographer. Get recommendations, preview their work and make sure you have a signed contract.
  • Meet with clergy or officiant for your ceremony
  • Choose a color palette for your ceremony and reception
    Clip photos of items, colors, flowers and styles you like in wedding magazines and online. Photos of dress styles, types of flowers, color combinations--all will help you to explain to others (especially to other vendors) what you like and what you don't like. Frequently, shopping for the bridesmaids dresses will help to solidify a color palette for the other selections.

4-6 months Prior to the Date
  • Make an appointment with Springwood managers
    Discuss and make decisions regarding your event sequence...from the rehearsal time and ceremony music (if you are getting married on site) to time of the reception (hors d'oeuvres to the end), time and place for toasts, announcement, first dance, etc. These initial decisions can be changed over time, but you should begin to know all of the detail you should think about. For example, begin listening to ceremony music and have discussions with our florist regarding options.
  • Decide if you will have hair and make-up assistance on the day of your wedding and, if so, schedule them for the date.
  • Reserve a block of rooms for your out-of-town guests and make arrangements for shuttle service, if necessary.
    See nearby overnight accommodations.
  • Finalize honeymoon plans, especially if you plan to take a trip
  • Order invitations and any other personalized paper products

2-4 months Prior to the Date
  • Check marriage license requirements
  • Finalize selections for men's fashions
  • Finalize menu selections
  • Finalize floral arrangements
  • Order your cake
    Most receptions in western PA also have a "cookie table." But, how about pies?
  • Select favors, if any
    Many of Springwood brides are making a donation to their favorite charity in lieu of favors.
  • Book your wedding night accommodations
    Consider the options at The Villa at Springwood.
  • Finalize plans for rehearsal dinner
    Consider Springwood's Total Experience with a poolside barbecue at the Villa!

4-8 weeks Prior to the Date
  • Mail invitations
  • Do a hair/make-up run through
  • Discuss insurance/bank account changes you want to make
  • Purchase wedding accessories

3 weeks Prior to the Date
  • Final count of guests to Springwood
  • Finalize the seating assignments of guests and prepare a seating chart or escort cards
  • Confirm details with all vendors and confirm event sequence detail with coordinator of reception
  • Get final dress fitting

2 weeks Prior to the Date
  • Make any updates to the final count of guests
    Finalize the seating chart (or escort cards) for printing
  • Pick up the dress
  • Make final payments

1 Day Prior to the Date
  • Get a manicure and pedicure
  • Enjoy the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Get plenty of sleep

THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! Slow down to enjoy the most memorable day of your life.

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