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The Villa at Springwood: Event Sequence
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Cocktail Hour at the VillaThe Villa at Springwood is the site of many different types of events--wedding ceremonies near the spectacular waterfalls, rehearsal dinners that are casual poolside barbecues, or more formal wedding receptions under the outdoor tented patio. Most wedding ceremonies are followed by hors d'oeuvres and beverages; nearly all other types of events begin with such a cocktail hour. This time gives the newly wedded couple a chance to capture some wonderful photos on the grounds of the Villa; for most other events, this time gives all guests a chance to arrive and greet the hosts of the party. Then dinner and a good time follow.

For a wedding reception, however, there are many more activities to plan, for example, the toast, the traditional cake cutting, and of course the first dance. Naturally, the flow of the event can be altered by the place and time that these moments take place. This is especially true at the Villa because there are so many opportunities to design a unique event by choosing both place and time.

Whether it is the smell of hors d'oeuvres or the clear sound of music, guests usually find themselves drawn to the patio surrounding the Villa pool. When the bar opens (either immediately after the on-site ceremony or at the time the guests are expected to arrive), guests find stationary hors d'oeuvres tables waiting for them. With so much to explore at the Villa, especially the waterfalls and covered bridge, the cocktail hour (without the bride and groom) seems to fly by.

The "Announcement"
When photographs on the grounds are complete, the bride and groom (often with the whole bridal party and parents) prepare to be "announced" into the party. This "announcement" frequently occurs during or near the end of the cocktail hour. It is a natural step, and a very magical and dramatic moment as well. Villa PergolaMany couples choose to emerge from the Villa or the ramp to the Villa pool to cheers of congratulations (...sometimes to "terrible towels"). Alternatively, the guests are seated first and then the bride and groom are "announced" to the dance floor for a first dance, followed by a toast and cake cutting.

Rear Deck ToastToastTerrible Towels Too!

Villla readyToastVilla ready

At Springwood, however, there are other options for the announcement, toasts, the first dance, and cake cutting...alternate times and places. And then there are the additional ideas for stationary hors d'oeuvres, specialty drinks, photo booths, pies for dessert...as well as traditions that develop with each new wedding and reception. For example, some couples choose to have toasts at the guest tables in the dining area (after the guests are seated for dinner) and then cut their cake before dinner is served. [Incidentally, it is only important to cut the cake before dinner if you want it served for dessert immediately after dinner. But of course you have options in that regard too.] Although many couples have their first dance poolside, many couples hold their first dance until after dinner when the DJ begins the dance music for the night under the majestic tent that has been witness to so many wedding receptions and other social and business events on Springwood grounds.

In fact, regardless of the space chosen for the first dance, most couples choose to move the center of their party after dinner to this open, but sheltered space for dancing. Wherever you choose to dance, there are electrical connections for DJs and bands. The parquet dance floor in the tent along with cocktail tables and chairs transform this area to a wonderful outdoor ballroom for dancing and fun. This 30' x 40' tent is part of the Villa's reception package from May through October, available as a rain plan for outdoor ceremonies and a great place for dancing the night away.

... Who knew about the wonderful tradition shown in this photo of firemen serenading the bride?
What a moment! What a memory!
Clearly, each sequence of events at Springwood can be tailored to fit your unique vision of the perfect event.
Think about adding overnight accommodations at The Villa at Springwood for the Total Springwood Experience.


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